Eagles Thai Boxing Wales Home of Champions Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Martial Arts classes in Cardiff and the Vale



Eagles Muay Thai Gym has been based in Barry, South Wales since the early 1980's, founded by Master Peter Stewart who after training in Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Boxing found himself intrigued by the three Thai Masters who were teaching with almost infamous reputations in Manchester. Peter travelled to Manchester and soon met Masters TODDY, SKEN and WOODY.

Peter then started learning Muay Thai every weekend with Master Toddy at TODDYS GYM in Manchester, staying in the Gym and enduring Toddy's famous instructors course. When the course first started there were many who attended and over the days and weeks of the course many dropped out due to injury, commitments or just could not handle the training provided by Master Toddy.

Peter trained and fought alongside some great trainers and fighters such as Ronnie Green, Pele Nathan, Russ Williams and Nigel Howlett to name but a few. he picked up the art of Muay Thai very quickly and thus opened up Eagles Gym Wales together with Nigel Howlett who opened Eagles Gym's in the Bedfordshire and Home Counties area.

Peter opened classes in his home town of Barry, South Wales which were very popular with instructors and black belts of other styles coming to train and learn the devastating art of Muay Thai. During the early years Peter brought fighters to British Championship level including Jon Case, Alan Richards and Peter himself won a British Title. 

Lee Power started training with Peter in 1985 aged just 13 years and was instantly hooked, training as much as he could, Lee soon began to help Peter with the Childrens Thai Boxing Classes and this enabled him to train for free, picking up instructors tips and getting as much training as he needed as well as regular sparring with Peter and the other seniors Lee soon found himself ready to instruct and also enter his first competition. Lee fought on a Russ Williams promotion during 1988 aged just 15 fighting a guy aged 26 years.

Lee won this fight and over the next 8 years found himself fighting in Boxing, Karate and open Martial Arts Tournaments as well as having over 30 fights at Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing and Full Contact. Lee has won British and Welsh titles in Thai, Kick and full Contact forms of Ring fighting as well as previously being the Welsh Amateur Boxing Champion. Lee retired from ring competition in 1996 due to career commitments with the Police Service.

Eagles Gym Wales has produced many Champions including Steven Anning who beat Cardiff veteran Spiro Micallef for his World Full Contact Title in 1997, Steven also won British, European and Welsh Titles. Kerry Jones who won a Welsh and British title. Debbie Anning who was a British ladies champion. We have had a number of Junior Champions at differing forms of Thai and Kick Boxing. 

Other Champions of note are Alan Richards (R.I.P.) who famously beat Pele Nathan for a British Title during the Eighties. 

Recent World Champions, fighting out of our Cardiff Muay Thai Gym have included Charles Sikwa and Tanya Merrett, both of whom are champions at both Muay Thai and K-1 kickboxing and both having fought internationally at a number of weight categories. 

Eagles Gym is currently undergoing an expansion programme following lengthy discussions between the senior instructors. We have concluded that the standard and availability of Muay Thai and Kick Boxing in the South Wales area is not very high and so have decided to offer authentic and quality instruction of Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and Thai Boxing to Cardiff and the Rhondda Valleys with other areas available in the future.

Our aim is to further our stable of boxers together with the introduction of Childrens and ladies classes as well as mixed adults. We are looking to achieve a higher standard of fighter and also encourage our members to obtain gradings, which based upon the syllabus and guidance provided by the Muay Thai Masters in Thailand will hopefully increase the availability of suitably qualified and experienced instructors.

We are open to anyone who has the willingness to learn Muay Thai in accordance with our code of conduct and respect. We will not discriminate against any person or other Martial Art. Our aim is to promote Muay Thai and Thai Boxing in a safe, friendly and family orientated environment with emphasis on safety, quality and traditional values. 

EAGLES THAI BOXING currently has a number of experienced and active fighters together with a number of juniors who have been successful at Interclub Competitions. We hold gradings every 3 months or so for juniors and those who wish to progress but not compete. We are fully insured and licensed. The club at Barry Island is our base in the vale of Glamorgan with a boxing ring, punch and kick bags and a vast array of equipment. 

The travelling instructors are also fully equipped with a wide variety of Thai pads, focus pads, strike shields, sparring gloves and protective equipment, bag gloves, body shields and punch bags available.

In Cardiff our Muay Thai and  K-1 Kickboxing gym is located in the famous Ultimate Fitness Centre, which is just off City Road, Roath (CF243DB) and again is fully equpipped with a high platfirm ring, bags, pads and fully matted for comfort and safety. 

Our classes are structured and there are seperate sessions for ring fighters.

If you are interested in learning or wish to discuss the benefits of the art of Muay Thai then please visit or contact us using the following links.