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Muay Thai in Cardiff

Reintroduced into Cardiff during late 2005 by head coach Lee Power. Cardiff Eagles Muay Thai gym has seen outstanding success as a renowned fighters gym with many top ranked fighters reaching the number 1 spot in the independent Muay Thai rankings of the UK. Our founding club and guiding light is still the original Eagles Gym in Barry.

We are considered to be among the top ten UK gyms and are proud to have held that position for the past 10 years.

Consistently producing top ten ranked fighters is no easy task, yet Eagles Wales, Cardiff Muay Thai Gym has been smashing the rankings since it was set up in 2006.

Top ranked fighters include current World Champions Charles Sikwa and Tanya Merrett who held onto their number one spots for over two years each, both without challenge or defeat.

Both of these fighters are taking some time away from competition currently and have relinquished their number 1 spots, however both will be back in the near future to reclaim their glory and face new challengers along the way.   

We have a current fighter who is a superstar on the world famous Thailand based promotion Max Muay Thai.

Luke Bar is a household name amongst the millions of Muay Thai fans in Thailand, he is regular on the Max TV promotion and has featured on all of the top Thai and Asian promotions as well.

Currently living and training in Pattaya, Thailand where he is coached by the famous Muay Thai warrior Chanrit Sit-Or, Luke Bar is a welcome addition to our coaching team each time he returns to the UK. Luke is very well schooled and is in demand by many of the other local gyms and MMA professionals as a coach every time he returns home.

Luke is also a PHd student in engineering. A career he will return to once he has achieved his Muay Thai goals.

Other professional A class fighters that are either now retired or out due to injury are Shaun Facey, Matt Sheedy, Joey Brincat, Steven ‘Jimpy’ John, Ameen Alkilaney, Nathan Johnson and of course Wales’ favourite MMA star Lewis Long.

Lewis gave up his Muay Thai career to focus on MMA and has recently been granted a lucrative contract with Bellator.

We also get involved with K1 kickboxing and over the years have had former All Japan League K-1 star Will Riva fight for our team as well as former WAKO World Champion Hafiz Bakshaliev from Azerbaijan.

Currently, rising K1 kickboxing lightweight fighter Yusef Ali is making a name for himself as an exciting, explosive fighter who never backs down and will fight anyone at a variety of weights just to keep active. Yusef has caught the eye of a number of top promotions and at a young age he is set to go a long way in the sport.

2018-2019 has seen a number of other fighters emerge from our stable including A class fighter Chris Zenkner, B class fighters Callum Morgan, Gary Lewis and Dom James together with a host of Cardiff based beginners in their Muay Thai kickboxing careers namely James Dickman, Jake Hughes, Peter Toth, Nico Bruynicks, Tom Coughlin, Lawrence Armstrong, Rui Periera and many more who train at our Cardiff Muay Thai club as well as visitors from our founder Muay Thai club based in Barry taught by Peter Stewart and Martin Byrne.